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Other name: When We’re Still Young, Chen Wo Men Hai Nian Qing, While We’re Still Young
Category: China Drama 2019
Genre(s): Romance, Youth
Release: Apr 13, 2019 – May 3, 2019
Episode(s): 38 Country: China
Broadcast: Dragon TV Language: Chinese Subtitle: English
Cast: Leon Zhang, Qiao Xin, Liu Wayne, Maggie Huang, Dai Si

Li Zi Yu is a simple, kind-hearted and righteous girl. She starts working at a public relationships company, but unfortunately meets a difficult boss. The boss Fan Shu Chen is a talented hidden rich heir who is very hostile towards Zi Yu, making Zi Yu tremble with fear every day. What she doesn’t know is that company secrets have been leaked since the day she started working and Shu Chen is thus heavily suspecting her. But gradually, the two start to appreciate and admire each other. However, Shu Chen’s three best friends each have their theory on Zi Yu’s identity, making Shu Chen all confused. When Shu Chen’s rival Luo Zong Liang appears, it becomes known that Zong Liang and Zi Yu have some sort of relationship which anew arouses suspicion that Zi Yu could be a spy sent by Zong Liang. What is the truth behind everything? And will Zi Yu and Shu Chen’s love-hate relationship have a happy end?