Tomb of the Sea

Tomb of the Sea Poster

Other name: Sand Sea
Category: China Drama 2018
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Mystery, Supernatural
Release: Jul 20, 2018 – Sep 15, 2018 Runtime: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episode(s): 52 Country: China
Language: Chinese Subtitle: English
Writer(s): Xu Kennedy
Cast: Leo Wu, Qin Hao, Alina Zhang, Yang Rong

Li Cu, an ordinary senior high school student was kidnapped and brought to the Badain Jaran Desert. Of those who went there, none has came back alive. The scars on his back, holds the key to the mystery of the ancient tombs. Under the threat of Wu Xie, Li Cu follows him to the ancient tombs. Together they discover the stories behind the disappearing people in the pictures, the unexplained shadows, the broken cameras, the mummies, and more.