Shosetsu O

Shosetsu O Poster

Other name: Fiction King, The King of Novels
Category: Japan Drama 2019
Genre(s): Friendship, Drama
Release: Apr 22, 2019 – Jun 24, 2019 Runtime: Monday
Episode(s): 10 Country: Japan
Broadcast: Fuji TV Language: Japanese Subtitle: English
Director(s): Mizuta Naruhide Writer(s): Koyama Shota

Toyotaka Yoshida is a novelist. He was the winner of a big writing prize in his past, but he has been in a slump since then. Toyotaka Yoshida feels the limit of his writing ability and is thinking about quitting. Around this time, he meets his Shuntaro Koyanagi who is his friend and editor and Haruka Sakura who is a fan.