Different Dreams

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Other name: Lee Mong, Yimong, Imong
Category: Korea Drama 2019
Genre(s): Action, Historical, Medical, Melodrama
Release: May 4, 2019 – Jul 6, 2019 Runtime: Saturday
Episode(s): 40 Country: Korea
Broadcast: MBC Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Director(s): Yoon Sang Ho Writer(s): Jo Gyoo Won
Cast: Lee Yo Won, Yoo Ji Tae, Im Joo Hwan, Nam Gyu Ri, Yoon Jong Hwa

Set in Kyungsung, while the country is under Japanese colonial rule, and Shanghai, China.

Lee Young-Jin is Korean, but she was raised by Japanese people. Lee Young-Jin is now a surgeon, but she becomes an intelligence agent for the provisional government of Korea. She gets involved with turmoil during the Pacific War.